Efficient for any environment

Whether your application requires an aluminum odor control cover with walkable access that is easy to install, visually appealing, structurally superior, chemical resistant, and maintenance friendly, or the consistent air distribution and high concentrated loading capability of a bio filter plenum, Hallsten Corporation is prepared to design and manufacture an environmental product tailored to meet your specific project needs.


Aluminum use in the environmental Industry

The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Cover is the result of a focused effort to design an aluminum cover specifically intended for environmental applications. Marine grade aluminum extrusions resist corrosion and require no special coatings. Unlike other cloth or fiberglass cover products, the Hallsten aluminum cover will not break down, weaken or fade, and requires no periodic re-coating of the exterior finish.

Hallsten cover systems are designed to withstand the H2S levels of a wastewater treatment environment. An Owner of a Hallsten cover system can reasonably expect a design life of 20+ years from a Hallsten cover under normal operation in conjunction with an odor control system.

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